Shared Office Space & Coworking Explained

Are you unsure of the differences between coworking, shared offices and hotdesking to the point you stay away from them even though one of the options may be beneficial to your business? Rest assured you are not the only one, so allow us to make each service clearer and in turn you can decide which one, if any, will work for you and your business.
This is simply a deskspace that you pay for as you use it with no guarantee of the same desk, and can be in either a private office, or in a shared working environment. Often there are various options available, some of which may allow you to pay for a dedicated desk within a shared space. If you travel a lot and need to catch up on paperwork every so often, this is a cost effective way of working and can provide a better solution than a hotel reception.
In its simplest terms lots of businesses in one open space (varying in size dependant on provider). Businesses can range from one person startups/freelancers to companies of two or more people. This option is most suited to startups as it gives you a better chance of networking and collaborating with like-minded individuals at no additional cost.
Shared Office
Coworking and Shared office space overlap, as if you are in a coworking office then it’s a shared office too. However you can have a smaller office where perhaps two companies have the same agreement in terms of cost and length etc. but arrange between them when each company utilises the space. This works particularly well if you require the privacy of a dedicated office, but need to keep spenditure low as the cost is split between the two companies.

Typically Hotdesking spaces and Coworking spaces are the same, so everyone is in the same environment. Wakefield Business Centres offer all the above services along with dedicated office facilities (offices for one company). If you would like to view our facilities, or discuss the options in further detail, then please call the team and we will be happy to assist you.


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