Mundane Monday to Motivated Monday

Let’s face it, sometimes working in an office can be trying, no matter how exciting your job. Doing or arranging something out of the ordinary can be a boost to morale and productivity. So we’ve put our heads together here at Wakefield Business Centres and devised 5 ways to turn your Mundane Monday to Motivated Monday. (Any day is optional, but Monday is ideal.)

1. Bring a plant to work day
Plants can play a big role in the office environment. They can reduce stress, create cleaner air to breathe and make the office look a little friendlier. Try adding a cactus, Ivy plant or a peace lily.

2. Arrange a charity coffee morning
There are plenty of these around and various charities provide kits to help you promote the event. Introduce a ‘bake-off’ and a competition between your colleagues – watch how competitive everyone gets! And of course it’s all for a good cause.

3. Have a dress down (or dress up) day
Select a day when you’re not expecting important visitors and have a dress down (or up) day. You can do this for charity or maybe start your own social fund for future events. Clear it with the boss first!

4. Create a playlist
If you’re allowed music in the office, why not create an office playlist? Everyone chooses 2 or 3 tracks and you play it throughout a certain day – perhaps if you’re all achieved targets or productivity levels?

5. Stay Active
It can be so easy to stay sat down for 8 hours a day so get up out of your seat on your lunch hour and go for a walk. Natural light is also important for a sense of wellbeing. Perhaps even set aside a corner of the office for group exercise.

At Wakefield Business Centres, all of our offices are within 5 minutes’ walk of a city centre and green space as well as our offices providing natural daylight. To find out more contact the team today.


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