First Impressions Count

It takes just a split second for someone to form an opinion at a first meeting but did you know the same thing can apply to your office and work surroundings?

At Wakefield Business Centres we take great pride in providing all of our office users with a professional, warm and welcoming reception. Presenting the right image is important not just for your clients but also for any new employees.

So what makes for a great reception?

1. Aesthetics
Such things as plants (real ones), artwork, sculptures and any awards that you or your business have won all help to create a friendly atmosphere. Lots of natural light and comfortable seating will help your visitor to feel more relaxed and welcome.

2. Technology
Have your WiFi details clearly displayed for any impromptu meetings. If you offer a self-service drinks machine make sure it’s clean and easy to use, is topped up regularly with supplies and there’s a place for the waste. Depending on your business it might be useful to have a TV installed displaying relevant news channel.

3. Literature
Whether it’s for your own business or perhaps a partner you work with keep it up to date and ideally use a display stand to keep it tidy and clutter free.

4. Branded stationery
A bowl of branded sweets along with a branded pen or pad is always a great thing to have. The visitor will have something to take away with them that will keep you front of mind whilst you’re not there. If you serve tea or coffee, consider branded mugs too.

5. Smile!
If you have a manned reception (such as here at Langham House) then a friendly smile can go a long way to putting someone at ease. It also presents a more professional image.

If you would like to have a look around any of our offices in Wakefield or Ossett then give our friendly team a call and they will be more than happy to help you.


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