How to hold a more productive meeting

We’ve all been there, dreading a meeting that will be longer than planned and reach a confusing conclusion that makes us wonder why we were there in the first place!

Here at Wakefield Business Centres we have regular businesses that hire our meeting rooms for board meetings, conferences and training so we’re well positioned to know what does and doesn’t work to make your meeting (and time) more effective.

If you’re hiring a meeting room go along beforehand and check out the facilities. Is there disabled access? Do you require any technical equipment, if so does the venue provide what you need? Does the venue provide car parking on their premises or nearby? Are they located near a train line / commuter route? 

Once you have the right venue you can then move onto the meeting itself.

1. Send an agenda at least 7 days prior and ask if anyone has anything to add.

2. Set the times out as clearly as you can and if possible use a timer so that no one person hogs all the time.

3. Take notes and detail who has committed to what actions. Follow this up with a reminder before the next meeting so everyone can make sure they know what they’re doing and feeding back on.

4. If it’s a full day, source catering either from the venue itself or a local supplier.

5. Conclude the meeting with the next date forward planned.

If you’re interested in hiring one of the conference or meeting rooms we have available then please do contact the team and we’d be glad to help.


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