Top 5 Tips for your office move

Ready to move office or take your first office space? It can be exciting and perhaps a little daunting working out such things as; what can you afford, what’s included in the rent, how much floor space will you need… the list can be endless but our handy guide should help you focus and find the right office space for you.

1. Do you go alone or use a broker?

In a perfect world you can arrange to view and lease office space yourself but the process of searching, vetting and viewing can be time consuming. A broker can curate a list based on your criteria and present you with a short list and prearranged viewings. Of course this is time saving on your part but there is generally a cost involved.

2. Finance – what can you afford?

If this is your first office, then the additional expense of an office may work in your cash flow forecast but will it also bring extra costs that you haven’t budgeted for? Does your monthly rental payment include such things as car parking, internet access, utility bills? Also, think about future growth. Does the office allow for an increase in employees in the future? How flexible is the landlord on the length of the contract? All important factors that could impact on your finances and should be negotiated at the viewing stage.

3. How much space will you need?

An average office dedicates 125 square foot per person. Do you need room for server space, storage etc. Again, what about future growth, how much room should you allow? Don’t grab the calculator just yet, there are plenty of online tools that can work that out for you.?

4. Take a check list

There’s a lot to remember and key questions that need to be asked. The easiest way to remember everything is to create a check list of the most important questions to keep yourself on track.

5. Ask your network for recommendations

You won’t be the first to take an office or move office amongst your business networks so ask them who, what or where they would recommend you speak to. Word of mouth referrals are often more powerful than taking a chance on an unknown name.

If you require any further help or information, or if you would like view our available properties in Wakefield or Ossett then contact us and one of our team would be happy to help.


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