Do you need office space?

Tired of meeting clients in hotel lobbies or cafes?
Looking at future growth?
Taking on additional staff?

There comes a time when working out of a home office becomes more of a hindrance to future growth than a cost savings measure. If your business has grown substantially and you have the finances to do so then moving into office space is the ideal solution.

Though there has been much talk about remote working and the ability to do so with the right technology sometimes office space is the right solution.

We’re not talking moving to Trump Towers, and there are various options open to you.

Hot Desking
It may be that your home environment just isn’t suitable any more. Your business would once fit comfortably in the back bedroom, but has now taken over the dining room and kitchen table. It can hamper your productivity and in the long run isn’t conducive to a healthy working environment. Hot Desking gives you the freedom to work from home as and when you feel the need but also the opportunity to take yourself away from the everyday distractions and focus on your business. For many home workers the relatively small amount per month to rent the space is made up with the increase in business as a result.

Co Working / Shared Office
Similar to Hot Desking but on a more permanent basis. You also have the added bonus of sharing workspace with other Co Workers, allowing you to collaborate on projects etc. Though the costs might be slightly higher than Hot Desking quite often part of the rent will cover use of meeting rooms and shared kitchen facilities. Often the contract is based on a rolling monthly basis so you’re not committing to long term contracts.

Rented / Serviced Offices
Ideal if your business is going through growth and looking to recruit staff. There are various aspects of renting office space that you should consider and we’ll look at these in more detail in a later blog post. Serviced offices are often rented fully furnished and are part of an already established business community, with several other business renting space in the same building. ‘Serviced’ means it is cleaned, often has 24 hour access and all the utility bills are included in the monthly rental. Usually the contract length is 12 months with a ‘get out’ clause. It is the most expensive of the options but can be a tremendous launch pad for your next phase of growth.

If you would like more information about the various options we offer here at Wakefield Business Centres then please do contact us and one of our team would be delighted to help.


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